On Thin Ice

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    Motorcyclist falls through ice on Rogers Lake
    By Karin Crompton

    Publication: theday.com

    Published 03/09/2011 12:00 AMUpdated 03/09/2011 05:29 PM0
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    Old Lyme — A Waterford man out for a joyride on Rogers Lake Wednesday afternoon quickly discovered that a motorcycle wasn't the best mode of transportation, after he fell through the ice and had to be rescued by police and fire crews.

    According to Old Lyme police, 49-year-old Robert Bouchard, of 185 Butlertown Road, had driven his dirt bike about 100 yards offshore when he fell through the ice at about 2:49 p.m.

    Moments earlier, police had received a call from a witness who was concerned about a person driving a motorcycle on the lake.

    "While we were en route," officer Wayne Collins said, "we got the next call that he fell through."

    Collins said Bouchard, who had an ice pick on his vest, called out for help while trying to pull himself up onto the ice.

    Old Lyme police officer Salvatore Milardo, with Collins assisting, first attempted to rescue Bouchard with a kayak.

    Old Lyme firefighters Rob McCarthy and James Oldfield hauled Bouchard out of the water using a rescue sled. Old Lyme Ambulance and state police also responded.

    Bouchard was brought to the Middlesex Shoreline Clinic for evaluation.

    Police issued Bouchard a citation for driving on ice. It is an infraction to drive a motor vehicle on the frozen surface of a public body of water.

    The dirt bike is at the bottom of the lake, police said. Collins said police have to notify the state Department of Environmental Protection of the incident.

    Time to put it on the road again!:newsmile078:
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    I guess he forgot about proper weight displacement.
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    Glad he is ok and at least he wasnt riding a harley......:D:bigsmiley20:
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    You just have to wonder what goes through peoples' minds sometimes. :) LOL
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    Did he have to wait for the spring thaw on purpose...idiot
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    I thought they used to race bikes on ice during the winter....spiked tires and such.