On my 3rd battery 2007 streetglide

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by 175mws, Mar 18, 2010.

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    Advice needed

    Today I was working on my bike and I have a few problems

    1. My head light socket is melted and the high beam won’t turn on. (I know I need a new bulb) but why would it melt?

    2. My garage door switch stopped working, is this common?

    3. I left my Radio on and now it seems my battery is dusted will a charger help it?

    I have motolights on the bike and no other mods :newsmile08:

    Thanks in advance


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    1. Simple case of power dissipation in a small area, likely a bit of corrosion, causes high resistance 1V x 15A = 15W in the area of 1/32" quite a lot of heat, fire usually results, plastic connector is probably flame rated UL94-0, i.e. burns but not supposed to flame.

    2. Garage door? don't know how this is related, I carry my GD opener in HD leather breast pocket, just push thru and it opens and closes every time (did get single big button one) compatible with my car ones as well).

    3. Radio can discharge battery to nothing, and full discharge will lower the life of existing battery. Put it on a 2-6A Car Battery charger for only 20-30 min max. If it takes charge, swap with car one out with an intelligent Battery Tender to bring it up the rest of the way and cross your fingers...you "may" not have to go with a 3rd battery if your lucky.
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    Good advice above. Battery tender will really save $$ in the long run.
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    with that many electrical problems on that new of a bike you might want to test your regulator. or at least see how many volts is happening across your battery terminals while its running.
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    Ok, I just got an odyssey battery for a good price. got lucky sales guy ran out of stock and felt bad about my drive. my old battery tested flat said to replace on the test tool. not my key fobs need to be reprgrammed

    Got the bike started and it was no big deal I had to wiggle the stater relay. now the last thing I need is to replace the H4 connector that melted from the bulb heat at least thats what the HD parts guy told me happens.

    Thanks guys
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