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    I'm gonna post this in the general section to try and get as much input as possible. I pretty much have decided to purchase a Dobeck GEN 3 for my 2011 Dyna; however, to try and negate my tendency to impulse buy and make quick/smart ( read superficial/stupid) decisions, I'd like some pro/con on this. Yes, I know this forum supports Dobeck, I could go to another where the only answer is TTS, with a few Thundermax holdouts, or one where anything goes, but I respect this forum for it's common sense.

    My dealership won't even sell a download anymore, it's all SERT- 1 grand out the door, puts me out the door too :53:( yes, it probably is the best way, but out of reach for me), and heard too much of TTS locking out ECMs/ Power commanders frying ECMs to even consider them.

    So give it to me folks, been told that most reliable way is just leave her stock, but don't believe that cat is good for her- too much heat. My main concerns:

    1. Is there any way the Dobeck can hurt the ECM?
    2. Totally reversible, yes? Without leaving any tracks?
    3. 2011 will be good with the Dobeck- no codes, funky issues like I saw with the ViEDS I finally gave up on for those very reasons?

    Really appreciate any feedback :)
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    Nobody? Really?
  3. Rubyred

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    You have to give people a chance to wake up. I'm sure you'll get plenty of replies in due time. If it were me I would get rid of that CAT. I have a 2007 FLSTC and a Gen3 and have had zero problems and the bike runs great!
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    2x what Rubyred said. I had all kinds of decal popping on my '03 Ultra and after reading over the years many endorsements for the Dobeck TFI on this forum I hesitantly bought the Dobeck Gen 3. Man, I'm really glad I did! Seriously. No more decal popping. The bike runs and sounds better and I get aprox. 36 mpg. A big plus also is the Dobeck isn't going to put you in the poorhouse price wise. Everything that you have heard or read about their outstanding support is try. I can vouch for that firsthand.
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    I know I must have endorsed my GEN 3 about 4 times. All on this forum. Cooled my bike down and increased performance. I can't believe it to this day, thanks to those that convinced me.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    LOOK and see... Here you have it.

    Gen3 and make your mods... Tell Chris what Mods you have and he will set the gen3 accordingly...

    DON"T forget to ASK Chris at Dobeck to give you OUR negotiated Discount with them...

    PM me IF you have any questions...:D

  7. harley@16

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    the TFI takes advantage of the existing fuel map by just adding pulse width to the injection. the stock fuel delivery is not deficient in any way other than too lean. some mods may require other changes to the basic map but the TFI will add to those if needed too. all for very minimal cost. very user friendly in its function, no computer to interface with ECU. even I could use it!
  8. Jack Klarich

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    Welcome to the Forum, Bubbie has good info for you here you can also post here TFI Questions Answered By Dobeck - Harley Davidson Community Chris checks in often and will be glad to answer your questions. TFI is reversible very easily, and will not repeat will not void warranties or cause ECM problems :s
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    Hey thanx Jack,

    just exactly the kind reassurance I am lookin' for :bigsmiley12:
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    Got the GEN 3 today. Took about 45 minutes to hook it up, spent several hours more going back over everything making sure nothing was going to rub or burn insulation on wires, and finally settling on location for the tuner- under the seat, little bubble wrap to protect ( was that Jack's idea, or Iceman's? can't remember now). Man, went for a quick test ride with stock pipes& air cleaner- yee haw, real nice, way better than the ViEDS. Having some issues with mufflers I've been modding, can't get them setup to make linear power, even with the tuner, feels like a lot of little dips in the power when you get on the throttle; gonna try one more thing with them before I give it up. Thumbs up so far with the Dobeck unit.