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OK, I'm scared...

The Rook

Almost all the way home from work today(25 miles) and my 96 Sportster with 39k miles 'pops'(I think it was a pop out the exhaust) and then the thing goes dead while I'm doing about 45MPH. It started again without a problem but it seemed like the key wasn't fully foward when I reached down to start it. It was just as I was going into my reserve tank. Could that have been the problem?

Also I felt the oil tank thinking that it may be overheating(I live in Arizona) and the tank was almost too hot to touch.

Any ideas?

As always thank you in advance.
If the ignition key isn't fully in the run position, it could have caused what you experienced.
WOW, these are fast replies.

I just got back from looking at the ignition, when the key is in it is real loose and wiggly. How do I tighten it up, any ideas?

Thanks for all the replies.
OK, now it 'pops' when I start it up. :17:
After that it runs single 'pop' as it's starting. I bet these are related.
Do you have a large keyring? Just thinkking that you may be wearing out the ignition lock if you are. Sporties vibrate and a heavy keyring does not do a lot of good to the lock.