Oil & the high country

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by crasha51pan, Nov 15, 2009.

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    Have a 2006 FLHRCI, changing to Syn. oil. Am considering Amsoil 20-50. I live on the U.S./Canadian border (Rocky Mountains), It can get hot in the summer but I have also seen it snow in July. Temps are all over the place, am wondering about the 20-50 weight, Mobil 1 has a 15-50. Would like to hear from anyone who rides this country and how they deal with the temp. swings...
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    I used to live in ND near the Canadian border. I always used (still do) Mobil One full synthetic. You are a lucky dog living where you do! (part of the year anyway) Are you in western Mt? I rode over the Highway to the sun in Galcier a few years back, one of the best rides anywhere.
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    The 15/50 doesn't have the same additive package being it was intended for water cooled engines. The 20/50 will be fine.