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    Finally got around to buying the adapters and plugs necessary to switch the oil temp sender from the line to the cooler to the secondary plug in the oil tank on my 07 FLHTCUI. Parts were all bought at Home Depot or other local hydraulic supply stores. Total cost. $3.58.
    Finally my temp guage moves when I ride. With the 185 degee thermostat on the cooler line I seldom saw the needle move.
    Now it starts rising within 5 miles of leaving home and steadies out between 200 and 225 depending on the ambient air temp.
    Today at about 80 degrees with high humidity it ran about 225 degrees on the open road.
    I have both an oil cooler and a Lenale fan kit on a 110". The oil cooler has a fan also. Both fans are connected to the aux switch which I didn't use today at all since it was mostly open road.
    What is the average oil temp to watch for and when does it start getting to hot?
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    You will have to figure what your bike likes to run in different conditions with the coolers working. If you haven't already done so, consider switching to a FULL synthetic engine oil in the engine, and FULL synthetic gear lube in the tranny. Good suggestions here:

    Oil Suggestions For Harleys - Harley Davidson Community

    As far as what temp to worry about, when you start getting above 250*F, it starts to be worrisome. Glider has a great chart on what happens to oil as heat increases. See here:

    Oil Breakdown At Temps - Harley Davidson Community

    This info is for fossil oils, and full synthetics can stand a bit more heat, but if you use these numbers as guidelines you should be good with FULL synthetic.

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    You just gave me an idea, I was thinking about getting an oil pressure gauge, but now I'm going to set up a pressure gauge and temp gauge right next to each other. (Dont' know why I didn't think of it earlier!)