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Discussion in 'Other Service and Maintenance' started by glenreeder, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. glenreeder

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    I just installed the fairing oil temp gage in my 09 SG, I already have the LCD oil temp/level gage but I like the idea of knowing exactly what my temps are doing at all times. My question is which temp gage is the most accurate and why the difference? The fairing gage is around 15* cooler than the other gage and it has yet to rise above 205* even when riding in stop/go traffic, (I have an oil cooler) the day time temps are around 80*
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    It's not unusal for temp gauges to read a little different. I'm not familar with the brand/type gauge that went in your fairing but I would probably trust it over the one on the dipstick (I'm guessing that's where the LCD one is you spoke of).

    Those tend to be problematic and need batteries periodically.
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    These are not precise instruments, but rather give you a way to keep track of something unusual happening. If your temp. starts rising quickly or it is higher than usual for the same type of riding, then it is something to investigate, rather than being an exact temperature measurement.

    Having said that, your experience sounds very similar to mine. I ride all the way to work over a combination of highway and surface roads. About 20 miles. The temp is just getting up between 180 and 200* by the time I get to work or get back home. When our daily temps were in the 100s, it would go up to around 230* on the gage while sitting at lights. I have a Jagg low mount 10-row.

  4. glenreeder

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    Both gages are Harley brand. I really haven't had any trouble with the dipstick gage, a buddy I ride with has the same dipstick gage and we have actually swithed them to see if they read the same (they did), but maybe they are both inaccurate.
  5. Trek

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    Hey Glenreeder,

    How hard was it to install the oil temp guage if you don't mind me asking and how long did it take you?
  6. glenreeder

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    It was easy, it took me about an hour to install and 30 minutes of that was trying to get my fat hands and fingers into the "compartment" where the gages are located to tighten the nuts on the studs.
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    If the fairing gauge is picking up the temp after the oil cooler, that would explain the difference in temp.
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    for oil gage install search marlin oil; and under eagle1 is a few tips from my experience. oh! the cyl. heat temp gage is not needed i just touch the rear cyl head to see if its warm before i ride.
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    Installed an oil temp gage tonight and it took about 4 hours. I never had a batwing apart so I took it slow. Pulled the Air temp gage, and removed the chrome trim ring and installed on the oil temp gage. Cut the orange and black wires IAW the included instruction sheet and installed the supplied crimp rings. I even put some heat shrink over the crimps. Put black electrical tape over the Air temp connector. Getting the gage in place is a true pain in the butt. I thought I could use the existing back plane that holds the air temp gage in the console, but noooo. Had to pull all of the wires I just installed on the back of the oil temp gage off, pull back through the console and put the adapter supplied with the kit on. As I was tightening that one up, I realized I installed it wrong. The metal cup should have been down not up. Had to undo the fasteners, and dropped the 11/32 socket and could not find it. Got a second 11/32 socket and reinstalled the gage back plane correctly this time. Got everything buttoned up and went for a small test ride. Pulled out of the drive way and heard the socket fall out of the bike. Stopped picked up socket and continued test ride. Gage gets power, light comes on, but temp never went above 110 degrees.

    Could I have connected something incorrectly, or do I need to get out for a good ride to get the oil temp up? The Cat and the motor were generating some good heat, I assumed when they got warm I would see and oil temp rise above 110.

    Troubleshooting tips would be appreciated.
  10. Breeze3at

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    Give it a longer ride, mine takes a while to get the temp. up. Don't start trouble shooting until you have at least 25 miles on it.