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Oil Sump plug


Is there a plug to drain the oil out of the sump. Or just the one on the oil tank. I have a 2001 Heritage with 50k miles on it. I did not have time to change the oil before cold weather set in, And I would like to give it a good flushing.
I would suggest not touching the sump plug. It is installed after passage ways in the engine cases are bored and there have been a few that have cracked the case trying to remove it. There should only be an ounce or two in the case unless your engine is sumping and then it is used to determine this condition using care to heat it and remove it.

Run the bike at idle in the upright position for a minute or two after a thorough warm up to purge the sump, then drain the oil from the tank.

Best left alone.
Must be an ugly feeling to try to remove it and end up with a cracked case. No short way of fixing something like that other than replacing it.
Thank you so much for this info! As Joe said I was wodering my self about that plug, did some reading in the owners manual and it tells you nothing on that plug when changing the oil!
That would have made for a very bad day and lots of wasted $$$
I thought I had read some place that you can remove the return hose to the oil tank after an oil change and let the engine idle until the dirty oil purges to new oil ????