oil pump/cam cover replacement

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by dcenglund, Aug 14, 2009.

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    I just bought a 2003 road king 100th anniversary and my oil pressure light was coming on at idle speeds for the first 10 min. of riding. I brought it into the HD dealer and when they pulled the pump out the teeth on the gears had pin-hole type divots....almost like shot peening. The cam cover also had grooves ground into them. Was wondering if anyone had seen this before or had the same experience.
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    Welcome to the board. I never heard of that. What did the dealer offer as a reason.
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    Welcome to the Forum. Lots of great info here and in the heads of your fellow members.

    I have the same engine. Have up-graded to the roller chain conversion though.

    Sounds like something hard went through the pump. Lucky it did not get torn up!!

    Had the same low oil pressure you describe. Replaced the stock OEM pressure relief spring with the Baisley Spring. That increases oil pressure by 10-15%. Problem solved.

    Watch those tensioners carefully. I suggest annual inspection until you change out the system for the roller chain conversion or gear drive.

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    You dont have pictures of it do you?
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    Like TQ, I went through the same oil pressure experience with my '99 Ultra. TQ did a great work up on doing the roller chain conversion. Even if you are not going to do this right away, it's worth taking a look at.

    When I did the conversion, I didn't replace the HD over pressure spring with the baisley unit. Running Mobil 1, a HD oil cooler, and the roller conversion, my oil pressure is right about 30 pounds after a few hours of riding in 90 degree weather.

    TQ is right on the money when he tells you to keep an eye on those tensioners. I was lucky with mine. They just wore to the point of being almost non existent. Some others have had them disintegrate, which is obviously not good for your twin cam......