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oil pump bypass spring

I'm seeing some eratic readings on my oil pressure guage (04 Road Glide). Since switching to synthetics 2k ago, max pressure is aprox. 30psi (used to be 32 on dino) but sometimes it will be down around 24 (2500-3000 rpm). Idle will be anywhere from 8 to 16 judging by the hash marks on the guage. Bottom line, pressue readings vary from one time to the next at the same RPM reading. Logic tells me to pull the sending unit and verify readings with a mechanical guage. If that backs up the dash guage readings, is it possible that the pump bypass spring has become weak, broken, end coil wrapped over the roll pin, etc. that would allow the plunger to lift prematurely (and inconsistantly)bleeding off some pressure at various RPM ranges? Not hearing any strange noises, light doesn't come on. Its:cheers just that the guage reading varies and seems to be deteriorating over the last few days. I've compared it to a friends 07 RG, his max pressure reads approx 36 and drops accordingly with RPM drop but remains consistant. Can the bypass spring be pulled and checked by removing the cam cover alone?
Logic tells me to pull the sending unit and verify readings with a mechanical guage.

That's the best way to tell where you are at. The 07 will have a different pressure than yours because of the different engine/pump and the 5 micron filter. Your pressures don't seem to be a problem from what you posted.
Thanks Glider, that's in line with what a couple of other pro's have told me. It just nags me that the guage flucuates like it does from light to light. What might I expect to see if the bypass spring did lift slightly and irregularily as I had described?