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    why is oil pucking out of crankcase breather hose
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    Where would you like to start the theories????

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    Too much oil in the oil tank.=
    proper amount needed SO reduce over fill.

    crank swimming in UNreturned oil caused by.=

    timing off on the returning oil supply Cage Gear if it has been apart or the gears worn out (not un common) then not pumping oil back out into the tank.

    sumping oil then whips into a froth by the crank running in it and pushes foam-oil way up into the head area.

    Oil needs to return Out of motor into the oil tank OR you'll get sumping.

    those are the two main reasons in you old bike.

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    Are you are talking about your '74 Super Glide ? Has it been sitting awhile? On the old Shovels the Ball check valve & seat in the oil pump would become dirty and allow oil to seep thru to the nose cone & into the motor cases. When you started it up again the pump can't keep up on return so it would blow it out the crank case breather for a short period of time. By the time you see it on the floor it looks like a massive amount.
    BUBBIE also has some good suggestions. Evo's also did this when vented to atmosphere.
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    I usually advise to start the bike and IDLE (knowing the oil is Down in the engine from the tank)

    Don't BLIP the throttle. Give it about 1 to 2 minutes at a regular slow Idle and oil should be Back into the oil tank.

    Blipping OR fast running the engine BEFORE oil is pumped back into the oil tank causes Whipping and Frothing by the crank Swimming in oil the oil and a MESS results...:nosad

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    Do the EVOs only vent through the heads?
    Mine sat for a couple of months and then when started, oil leaked for the bottom of the primary (I think maybe a main shaft seal or shifter seal). After letting it sit angain for couple of hours, fired it up and not leaking. Could my EVO have been pucking from oil in the bottom end?
    Any info would be appreciated.
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    Early Evo's breathed through the case. '93 up are the head breathers. Your bike probably "sumped" oil. Softail oil tanks are above the pump. The check ball sometimes does not seal perfectly, and gravity lets oil into the crankcase. When first started the pressure makes oil spit out until the pump is able to get most of it back to the oil tank. There's articles in the self help section of how to fix this.