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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by perdue35, Feb 25, 2009.

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    I have a 1992 electra glide ultra classic. recentley I changed the stater and I started loosing oil from the primary into the crank case. I have replaced the seal and the sleeve. My HD guy said he has never seen anything like this. Have any of you ever had this problem if so what caused it and how did you fix it.
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    Wow! What seal and what is "the sleeve". Check this out and refer to these item numbers:

    CRANKCASE - 1992 Harley Davidson FLHTC-U

    Do you mean #240 as the seal, and #280 as "the sleeve"?

    Can't imagine how changing the stator would have damaged anything that would allow the oil to go FROM the primary into the engine! What happened that made you change the stator? Was it REALLY burnt? I had the compensator nut loosen up on my bike and allow the rotor to wallow around and jam on the stator. When that happened, the drive shaft neatly sheared off all the "teeth" on the rotor spline. Luckily none of those got into anything they could tear up!!

    What happened to your bike?

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    I changed the stator on mine and didn,t put the clip holding the wires to the case only to finf out that those screw holes go all the way thru the case had to block them off because i went to a bdl belt i bet thats where the oil is going thru,jel