Oil Problem on 1993 FXR

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by ski_trick, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. ski_trick

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    Hello everyone, I have a 1993 FXR, and when it sits for a couple of weeks
    and then started, it will spit oil through the oil breather. Seems to run fine and has no other problems. I know that someone is going to answer just to ride it more, but this is not possible, as sometimes I have to let her sit for a while before I can get on and enjoy. Someone else has told me that this
    is characteristic of the Evolution motor and not to worry.

  2. glider

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    The FXR had the oil tank up high and separate from the motor similar to the setup of the softails. After sitting a while the oil will sump and find it's way into the engine case and on start up will puke like yours is.

    Maybe try some Marvel Mystery oil in the engine oil to clean things up a bit so this doesn't happen.

    Marvel Mystery Oil - Harley Davidson Community

    It's a high detergent additive but don't over fill the oil level. Add 1/2 pint to the oil after draining the same and run it like that for a few hundred miles then change the oil and filter after getting the engine oil good and hot. It should clean up the check valve assembly that is responsible for this. Maybe a better oil change interval will help too.
  3. SledDog

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    The check ball were it seats in the oil pump is not sealing. Since your oil tanks is up high, gravity and a check ball not seating is letting oil into your bottom end. You can remove the ball and check it and the sealing surface. Clean the ball and the seat. This is best done at oil change time....
  4. Apyle

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    My 87 fxr had this same problem but a little marvels mystery oil and some use it went away.