oil, primary, and trans fluid change

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    Ive got a 99 softail standard and would like a link to information on how to change the oil, primary fluid, and trans fluid. Ive actually changed the oil, but any info on all the above would be greatly appreciated. Ive done quite a bit of mechanical repairs on cars and trucks but im new to motorcycle maintenance and repair. The bike has had royal purple used in it for its whole life and was even given a case of it with the purchase of it! It was a nice surprise. I was told there are three holes in the primary that need fluid change. Is that correct? thanks in advance!
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    Oil Related Tips | Archive | HDTimeline.Com Have a look in here Welcome to The Forum
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    CAPITAL JACK has you pretty well covered on you questions. One thing I did notice in you r post was " I was told there are three holes in the primary that need fluid change. Is that correct? thanks in advance" There is not 3 holes in the primary for fluid changes. There is however 3 places for fluid changes. 1)Motor Oil,2) Transmission,3) Primary. For your year of a Softail. I usually use the the Inspection cover,located in the center of the Primary Cover, for refilling the primary fluid. While it is off it allows me to check the tension of the primary chain. I can push it up & Down with my finger. I believe it to be 3/8"-1/2" movement Cold. If you don't have a Service Manual I would strongly suggest one.Need more help the forum is here for you.
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    What Tourbox's saying is 100% right! Get Service manual cuz it will be your best friend! :bigsmiley12:
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    I have to agree with both posts, also there are a lot of youtube videos for all three holes.

    UPDATED!! how to change the oil on a softail - YouTube
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    thanks guys. Im going to get a service manual asap! much appreciated
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    just got the bike and this is definitely the first thing I want to accomplish.