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    Hello, i have an '05 electraglide, 50k. I was riding, oil light came on for a cohple miles, then went off for the rest of the day, checked oil at next stop of course, just fine. Next day, half way to work, oil light comes on, after stopped at dealership a mile from jobsite, he put a gauge in place of oil pressure switch, no pressure,had no choice, rode bike home(i know ,stupid, but you dont know my situation) getting off expressway oil light goes off pressure comes up, drove home and parked it. My theory is something is floating in oil clogging lines. Drained oil, nothing on plug, oil dpest seem bad, Need as much advice as possible, thanks in advance
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    Sounds like the oil pressure relief valve (in the cam plate) could sticking in the bore. Have the OEM cam tensioners been replaced? If not, at 50K miles, they should be replaced and upgraded to the CYCO tensioner pads. Could be the tensioners are going south and debris is passing through the oil pump which could cause a loss of pressure as they debris passes through. Addtionally, some debris could have found its way into the pressure relief valve bore and causing it to stick closed. in which case no pressure would register as the oil is being recirculated back to the supply side of the pump.

    Pull the cam plate and check the tensioners, replace and upgrade before bad juju happens.:eek:
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    Dolt has you started on the most probable problem and fix. Do this ASAP. If the old style tensioner pads nuke, you will be in a lot of hurt.


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