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Discussion in 'Oil' started by Mavagrand, Oct 6, 2011.

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    What is the normal operating pressure for the oil in an 08 FLHTC. I installed an oil cooler and mine is now reading above 32 when cold and at idle. When it warms up, it drops to around 5 at idle. I've never noticed before how high it got when idling and still cold.
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    That is normal opperation,My09FLHTCU cold start up have aprox36psi warm idle is aprox 8 to 10 gauge is hard to read down that far,I belive the oil light will come on some wheres in the area of 6psi, Harley uses high volume pumps not high pressure. Warm pressure at 2,000 RPM you should have around 32 to 34 psi.
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    Remember, that gauge is not a precision instrument, so you are only looking for significant deviation from what "normal" is for that gauge on your bike.

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    It is pretty amazing how little oil pressure is required, we have big volume pumps, if you are in doubt about your gauge you can check it with a master gauge, and I think I would H D gauges are notorious for not being very accurate:s

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    One thing I have believed for years and have Seen is, IF an oil gauge was right on top of the pressure LIVE, IT would SCARE most. The fluctuation of oil pressure is there and NOT just a steady constant pressured flow..
    HD's gerotor style oil pump (06/07 up larger pump) are close to the Best style of oil pump IMHO. Just the average Crank Run-Out on these newer bikes is what worries me:panic

    Even though I am having an On-Going OCCASIONAL Lack of Start-up oil pressure, I see this New Larger Oil Pump as a good unit.

    FLOW is the thing that is needed and also the Larger return gerotors have solved the sumping problem on Many Early bikes with the early smaller pump, simply by Replacing with the "KIT". Upgrading to the New Style Hydraulics is a GOOD thing on the Pre 07 Bikes.

    I like the oil gauge on my bike. It is a HD version that Bolts on to the rear valve cover area and I LIKE seeing the affects of HEAT and RPM change with an occasional glance.. Yes I Kept the IDIOT Light as it is called, A NEEDED thing..:newsmile03:

    My pressure runs up to 50 lbs cold and all day at 35/38 lbs (gauge) on normal not over 90* days and Not In Stop N Go traffic.
    20/50 Redline