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    my oil pressure switch is leaking thru the elec con. to replace it what is the easiest way to get a wrench on it i don't have a deep enough socket 1 1/16 or wrench, not enough room for a cresent. :small3d023:

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    Suggestion I used...

    On my 09 FLHR, Taking a Small clamp-plier that I have. Adjusted Open enough but will Lock on-to the oil sender... Carefully going at it from the front above the pipe and or a little below it 15* or so..... Straight in,,, not at 90* worked to loosen mine then Resealed to put back on... I used a small crescent wrench to turn the clamp plier. then reset the plier for another Small turn.. Takes a little time but worked for me.

    I used this Removal method when installing a HD side-head mount oil gauge... I re-installed the sender on the adaptor fitting when out. Then used the Very small crescent to tighten 90* on fitting again..... or You will have to use the small clamp pliers.

    Careful Not to Over Tighten as you can damage the pressure sensor OR Crack the engine case......


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    There is a special oil pressure sending unit socket, most autoparts stores carry it under the K&D (at Sears) $3.99 or similar. It is sort of like a squared corner hex socket. Buy the new replacement switch and take it down to tool place to check fit. The hardest thing is to remember where you put it, the next time you need it (those switches are used in rear braking system and cages), so I hope you have an "immaculate tool chest" like Glider.


    Another thing, if it is truly hex, some have ground a groove on the side with a 3 to 4 1/2" angle grinder to allow it to slip over the tight area and clear wires and such.
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    If u are reall care ful you can use a chanell lock pliars, the switch is a tapered pipe thread and not very tight, use some sealer on the threads
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    Book calls for one of these:


    It's a 1 1/16" crows foot.