Oil Pressure Light and Turn Signals

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by mmiilllleerr, Sep 14, 2009.

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    Have a 98 Sportster. Just went through a complete disassembly and rebuild and did a few mods. After hooking up battery the Oil pressure light and front turn signals come on and stay on even with key off. No flashing of the front turn signals only solid lights. Also the turn/tail/break lights on rear do not work at all. the mods include new switch housings on which i moved old switches over, and a new led tail light. i bought the kapscp intergrated Tail/Turn/Brake light. When i wired it up i got rid of the junction card in the taillight. the only problem there was 6 wires on factory harness and 5 on the new light. One of the wires that came in was not connected to any of the lights on the rear, it dead ended so i did not hoke it up. Any input would br great thanks jesse
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    With the work you did, the only way to find the problem is retrace the circuits you disconnected and also check the ignition switch for proper operation.