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oil pressure issue


hi,a long story short...i have a 92 springer and had my bike pulled down in order to tidy things up a bit.problem is now that is all done and bike is back together with a service done too im getting the oil light on all the time.just after it warmed up i give it some rpm and it flickered off but when i went for a short ride it developed a bit of noise in the top end.i thought i had restricked a oil line but fixed the one i thought was the cause but im still getting the oil light on...any ideas?
Check the actual oil pressure with a gauge to find out where you are at before you toast the motor.
I would go right to the source and check it there ( the oil pump) from there work outwards from the oil pump through the lines that come off the oil pump, process of elimination.
job done tiger!!some sneaky so n so must have broke into my joint and swapped the lines so the return and feeder was mixed up.or i must have put them on wrong...