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Oil preferences


Just wondering what oil people like to run in their bikes. I have always used HD conventional oil but am thinking of switching to synthetic. I have heard good things about Amsoil and Royal Purple. I ride a 03 Fatboy in the blistering heat of South Florida and want the best possible oil for these conditions. Any thoughts are always appreciated.

Not trying to be rude or a "smart-#%*" but if you look around on this site, there is a thread already ran the gauntlet about oil. Also my preference of oil will differ from someone else's. So check it out. :cheers
Thanks to Glider and HD community , I am one of those Newbies who was told by my HD dealer to put syn-3 in everything, after reading all the posts and polls taken on oil prefferences Sunday night , yesterday I put Mobil gear oil in tranny,(haven't found Spectro yet) and today I will be changing oil and filter in crank. THANKS GUYS !!!!:bigsmiley12: Glider, I was wondering if Spectro had you on the pay-roll yet ?
No paychecks for me, wish there was. :D I could use it for more chrome.
I just find what works best and spread the word. Too many people (dealers) out there trying to make money on products that just don't work as well as others that in some cases cost less too.

If you can latch on to a bottle of the Spectro, you will see a BIG difference. I used the Mobil 1 in the trans 75/90 and tried the 75/140 and the spectro beats them both. I even went through the Redline heavy too in the trans.

Here's the Spectro dealer locater