Oil out of crankcase breather ? ....to HOT!?

Discussion in 'Oil' started by newguyneedshlp, Jun 26, 2009.

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    Pulled in the driveway and I noticed oil sprayed over the pipes.
    Found it coming from breather.
    What causes this?
    Should I be concerned?
    Would putting a tube on it to run towards the ground cause any problems?

    Part 2

    I noticed the engine is running HOT. I've had a few bikes before but this is HOT!
    I've went through the carb. Jetting is correct. Plugs are fine, no coughing, backfiring or anything to speak of.
    Runs awsome. But it is just so dang HOT.
    I have Dyna 2000 ign. and just ran a half tank of Hi-test.
    Is it my timing? Do I have anything to worry about? Or am I being paranoid?
    I don't want to mess with something that isn't broke, but I do want to stay ahead of the game before something happens!
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    There's MANY posts on this subject both in the forum and the self help forum. Do a search and you'll find many answers .
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    Excessive crankcase pressure is one cause of oil puking from the breathers. There are others but excessive heat and oil puking is a sign of sumping which is the failure of the oil pump to scavenge oil from the crankcase. The crank wheels are forced to run in an oil bath; similar to you running in waist deep water.

    You can check by running the bike until it is hot and removing the crankcase drain plug, if more than 4-6 ounces of oil drain out; the engine is sumping. You will need to check the scavenge port o-ring or the pump could be worn. I put an oil drain plug o-ring on the scavenge port nipple on the oil pump and use the yellow viton o-ring from the upper pushrod seal in the scavenge port and this will solve any problem at the scavenge port for the life of the engine.

    Could be pump alignement but I doubt it if this is something that just started.