Oil out of air cleaner, Fat Boy 2002

Discussion in 'Oil' started by Burmie, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Burmie

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    Recently i had a fair ammount of dirty oil coming out of my air cleaner box. On removal of the cleaner it appears that the oil is not coming out of the breathers but out of the intake throat. What should i be looking for? I had excessive exhaust smoke, only on full throttle, but since changing the oil soaked air filter this has disappeared. My oil level in the tank was a bit on the high side and have since drained off a pint, to get to the correct level.
    The engine power has not changed. It does however struggle at altitude, and tends to leave black deposits on the tail flap due to excessive throttle to maintain 130 km/hr.
    Only done 26 000 km's
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    Overfilling the oil level will cause what you experienced but it usually will come out the breathers. Possible that it was sucked in to the motor and burnt causing what looks like it was coming from the intake and causing oil smoke.

    You didn't mention if it was FI or carb but at altitudes the engines demands for fuel are different than at a lower altitude. Possibly a carb re jetting or if it's FI and you have a tuner, it's a bit rich for that altitude.

    Always give as much info about the biker for an accurate answer.
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    The most common cause is too much oil, Remember when changing oil there is about 1 quart of old oil in the crank case, if you put back in what the manual says you will be over full. This oil has to go some where, it is getting pushed out the head breathers and getting burned in the cylinders, this would explain the soot and smoke. try less oil next oil change and see how it goes:s
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    Thanks so much for your input. Will give it a good run over the festive season and check its behavior with the lower oil level. Glad you never revered to a broken ring etc.Seasons greetings from Southern Africa.

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    Also in my thinking???

    IF the bike is Lugged a little and is not turning enough RPM while pulling Mountain Hills , You CAN have an issue with carbon build-up.. Try shifting Down ONE gear Lower and see if it BREATHS better when pulling hard.

    I have seen times when the gas mileage actually INCREASES by shifting down and Not lugging... The engine Needs to BREATH properly to perform properly.

    Just My Way