oil on front axle

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  1. 4t9erfan

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    around the front axle right where the rotor bolts on it looks like it is wet and has dirt stuck to it like fine black dirt does anyone have any idea why should i be worried!!!
  2. dangerdan

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    Is the brake caliper leaking? Check the brake fluid
  3. biscuit

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    In addition to a brake leak,check your fork seals to make sure that they're not damaged,seeping or weeping.That can easily mist up your fork lowers.

    Another issue i found on my bike was grease dripping down from the bottom of the fork stem and landing on the l/h fork leg;right about where the disc is.
  4. TQuentin1

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    What was the last thing down to the front of the bike?

    As Dan said above, make sure it is not a brake fluid leak. Beyond that, those are sealed bearings in the wheel, so you SHOULD not have any grease leaking out there. You might pull the axle out and remove the wheel so you can inspect that carefully. Only other fluid around there is fork oil, but you should see oil all the way down the slider if you are leaking oil there.

  5. 4t9erfan

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    it looks like the bearings are leaking no oil from anything
  6. Jack Klarich

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    These should be sealed bearings, I would have the dealer replace them under warranty?:s
  7. HKSkully

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    It seems as though HD has had a lot of issues with the new design single row (15mm) bearings having a high rate of failure.

    One of my customers had his bearings on both sides (front) fail at around 7000 miles. After calling HD (not the dealer), to discuss the wheel bearing failure on his bike at such soon a mileage and getting switched from one person to the next, he ended up speaking with an HD Tech Rep who told him that the failure of the wheel bearings was caused by riding his 2008 SG in the rain. :newsmile100:

    There was 4 of us present when he made the call to Harley Davidson and we all got laughs out of the MOCO's reasoning behind the unexpected and pre-mature failure rate of the wheel bearings on 2008 and up models but it is truly sad to think that their only response to him was not to ride in the rain.

    Me thinks that they (the Reps) need to get out more. Even though it is redily apparently on almost every web page displayed, when searching for "Harley Wheel Bearing Failure", the MOCO insists that they haven't heard of any failures of these bearings. Everyone must be keeping it secret....Sssshhh.