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Oil lines on 1989 Sportster


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Could anyone give me a quick run down on the lines going to the oil tank on an 89 Sportster. I've got an 89 roller that I put a 95 engine in. I bought a service manual for the 95, but I can tell the oil tank and routing of the lines is different. I know one line blocks off on the battery tray which I would guess is the drain hose. I think I know where the feed and return lines go, but I want to make sure. Also the vent line on top, I have no idea where it goes. This is the first Harley I've messed with.

I can help with the oil lines as they are on a 1988, should be the same on a 1989. You still should try to get a diagram for a 1995 to compare.

One question, the 1995 that's a five speed right? Any problems fitting it in the 1989 frame?

I've got a service manual for a 95, but I can tell it's different than the 89. The diagram you gave me helps on the feed and return, but I'm still not sure where the vent hose goes. The 95 engine fits perfectly in the frame with no problems. I haven't mounted the rear wheel yet, so I don't know if I'll have any belt alignment issues. I don't think I will.

There are two vent lines shown in the drawing.

One that comes off the small 90º fitting on the engine, I believe you have to take off the sprocket cover to see it, and the transmission vent line off the top of the transmission section.

The vent line for the engine is a 1/4 inch id hose and goes to the top of the oil tank.

The transmission vent line is routed along the top of the oil tank and doesn't hook to anything. Just point the end down a bit so water doesn't run into it on a rainy day or when you wash the bike. This is a 3/8 id hose.
Yep, there it is. You know, I tore this engine completely down to repair the cases, and forgot that breather fitting was there. I'm having to work on this thing over a period of time, and I forget some things. Anyway, you got me back on track and I really appreciate your help. Now I can stop racking my brain which my wife says I don't have anyway.

Thankyou Joshua for your help...