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Discussion in 'FXR Models' started by spikez, Oct 1, 2009.

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    This year I bought my first Harley, a 1992 FXRS and along with it I got a box of parts. One of the things that the previous owner showed me was a gas line pincher clamp and he said that I should use it on an oil line when I put it away for the winter. When I asked him witch line to pinch he just said ask any Harley guy and they will know.. I have lost his number and now I have to ask if any of you out there can share this info with me. Thank You Spikez
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    With an answer like that, I suspect he had no idea. But to be totally frank, I do not know what he is talking about. I have a '91 Dyna, but the oil tank is part of the tranny assy.

    A pincher clamp to put on an oil line when storing the bike for the Winter? Only thing I can think of is that some folks may feel they need to pinch off the line out of an oil bag to prevent the oil from gravity feeding back through the pump and into the engine sump? Would only happen to those bikes with an oil bag up under the seat or some other spot higher than the pump if then.

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    No need to clamp oil lines on dynas older Twins would puke oil on start up after sitting for long periods if u didnt clamp the oil feed line the check ball in the oil pump would let oil fill the crank case up
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    Hi Forum,
    Referencing the oil line clamp question. I have a 87 Electraglide Classic, after sitting the winter I have about 1 1/2 quarts of oil sumping into the crank case. Could I install a shut off valve inline and just close at storage time and open again before riding in the spring. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

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    ANY in-line valve would make it SMALLER and you don't want that...

    Just starting the engine and letting it IDLE will pump back the oil. NO Blipping the throttle...

    If it is that much oil, I'd take out the plug on the bottom that MANY but ME will Yelp No To removing it and drain it out...

    Once a Year Is not that much work... Then add Fresh oil to the tank as needed...

    I have Never had a TC with the low tank cause a problem. Maybe blocking UP the front of the bike to change the flow angle for Winter months...????? Just a suggestion...

    I know that FSG on another forum has a soft fitted (just pinching the rubber oil tube closed) locking Clamp Pliers to use on his softail oil line when it sits for any time so it doesn't drain into the sump.

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    Thanks for the reply BUBBIE, I was concerned about inside diameter of a shut off valve being to small also, that's why I put it out to the forum to see if someone may have come up with some kind of solution. Blowing 1 1/2 quarts out of the breather hose gets abit old. From what my local HD dealers state that this is a very common problem with the older Evo motors. Would replacing the check ball and spring possibly help or not, being they could be worn out.
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    Replacing the Ball & spring may help some. Chances are the Ball seat in the pump is also dirty/varnesed over from age and miles. I would recommend cleaning that as well.
    Go to 68-99 Oil Pump Check Valve Repair - Big Boyz Head Porting it will explain how to do this. I never do the cleaning without removing the pump from the motor. Be sure to realign the pump when reinstalling.
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    The problem is the oil tank sits high un like the twin cam models, except the softails. The check valve in the oil pump is not holding back the oil, you will need to lap the seat and change the check ball as Tourbox suggest, this is a common problem with pre twin cam models Welcome to the Forum