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    I have a 07 nFLHTCUI i had a S&S 551 cam installed earlier this year. I have noticed some oil in between the tappett blocks. I think the o-rings are leaking. Does anyone know how to repair this problem.
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    If they installed adjustable PR, then it is not that big a deal. Just jack up the rear of the bike, pull the plugs, and collapse the PR covers. Put the tranny in 5th, and for the cylinder that you want to do first, rotate the engine until you see the exhaust PR rise then fall followed immediately by the intake rising and falling. Go around to the left side and probe the spark plug hole (for that cylinder) with a straw or pencil while rotating the back tire VERY slowly until the piston is at TDC. Collapse the PRs and remove them. Replace the o-rings on the PR covers, in the head, and lifter covers. Reinstall the PRs and adjust to spec. Wait until the PRs can be rotated easily and then expand the PR covers and insert the clips. Then rotate the rear wheel until the other cylinder is at TDC following the same procedure as above. Repeat everything above for the other cylinder. Rotate the engine using the starter and listen for "bad" sounds. Reinstall the spark plugs and you are ready to go.

    That's it.

    If they didn't install adjustable PRs then it is a bigger job.

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    TQ has you covered. I'm not sure what your level of experience is working on these bikes but replacing the O-rings isn't too difficult. Just keep in mind that there are 3 rings for each pushrod. Dont forget the one on top under the head. You might even consult whoever installed the cams and see if they will help you out. It's possible that they were cheap and attempted to reuse the old rings instead of replacing them like they should....
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    Check the bottom of your air cleaner first, is the oil dripping out of it? Carry over could cause this to drip in that area
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    Just went though this after install of same cam. Mine was coming out of breathers into air cleaner and running down into valley between push rods. You need to have the oil drain hole in the broker arm assembly inlarged. If you pull the broker assemblys you will see 2 tiny holes underneath the breather, drill out the down hill side of each assembly to 1/8 in. This will allow the extra oil drain off instead of pooling up and being pushed into your air cleaner.