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    My friend has a problem, can anyone help?
    OK got a question here. My 2010 Ultra has a constant drip at the crank drain plug ever since I changed the oil. Its not pouring out but dripping and its driving me nuts. It has the rubber o ring which was replaced now twice and the second time I even took some teflon tap and wrapped the treads seeing if this would help. I also tightened the plug according to the specs. Now one thing odd I did notice is after riding the bike for a couple of days everything seems cool then its starts this (EDIT) again. When I check the plug I find that it isn't falling out but it is not tight again. I never had this problem with any of my other harley's and believe it or not they never leaked a drop. Any other ideas on what the (EDIT) I can try, I'm getting worried that the (EDIT) thing is gonna fall out and cause some major damage on the road somewhere.

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    Sounds like your drain plug is not sealing. Is it tight enough? When you reinstalled the drain plug, it was handy right up until it shouldered, right. IOWs you did not have to turn it in with a wrench, right?

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    Does it wobble going in and is it going in straight?