Oil in air filter

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by Timman, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Timman

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    I bought a new 09 Road king Classic, drove it stock for the first summer,(7000 miles) installed a stage one on the second year (SE air box, V&H monster ovals, and a TFI unit,(also put 7000 miles on it that year). drove the 3rd year and again put about 7000 miles on it with no issue's. Now last year I only put about 4000 miles but noticed small amounts of oil dripping out of the air box. Is this something I should be concerned about? I remember my first vehicle a 77 Ford half ton, I drove it hard for 7 years and it started to spit oil into the air box through the PCV valve filter, and it turned out to be caused by base pressure from compression slipping by the wore piston rings, but I had over 100 thousand on it. Starting to think about summer riding again and went to my local dealer today and order some true dual exhaust headers. can't wate for June and the first big trip to laconia with the buds.
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    Are you overfilling the oil tank? The manual will say 4 qts, try 1/2 qt less and see what happens. See the self help section for oil pump alignment also:s
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    Could it possibly be the umbrella valves in the rocker boxes are in need of replacement?
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    I'd say it's the oil overfill which could've happened last-two changes ago. Sometimes it takes awhile to ooze out the a/c. Did you do the last oil change, or dealer? Look @ the dipstick & see how full it is & you can use a turkey baster to remove some from the motor...just don't put it back in wife's kitchen drawer...;)
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    It sounds to me like you need to put more miles on it. When you were putting 7000 miles a year on it you had no problems but when you put less you had the blow by. Sounds like your bike is sending you a message to get out and ride. I'm just saying. :D:D
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    Thanks men. I didn't think of that, but yea, I always do my own oil changes, and you guys might be right, sometimes I do it in a hurry and might have added too much, I hope thats all it is. I have lots to read and think about. Thanks again.