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Oil in Air Cleaner


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Read the post on oil in the air cleaner for as sportster. I just got a new 2007 Electra Glide 96 and am in the process of breaking it in. Have not been exceeding the recommended RPMs but have oil leaking out of the air cleaner, removed and cleaned up thye filter but what could be the cause. Am I doing something wrong or is there a problem I should be aware of.

If you have the stock air filter, check the oil level to see if it is over full. Reference the owners manual to make sure it is checked on the side stand and when hot also. If it is overfull or high RPM's it will push oil out the air filter.

If you have a K&N (stage 1) , it may have been over oiled and when it gets hot, the filter oil will drip on the cam cover.

Always check fluid levels if the dealer services the bike. They have been known to either overfill them or short them.
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Thanks alot, I was hopimg something like that was the problem. I figure it was the high RPM and a rapid decelleration, breakin stated to take it as high as 5000 RPM. Cleaned it out and it has not repeated itself. Thanks for the reply, eased my nerves abit.
Nothing like a problem with a new bike to get you on edge.:)

IF it happens on a continued basis, the oil pump will probably have to be aligned. It's something the dealer should do under warranty once you explain the problem to them.

It was probably the high RPM's and the tight engine causing you the problem but do check the oil level in any event.