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    im replacing the oil hose from my oil tank to the plastic elbow fitting on my bike. i need to know what the i.d. of the hose is. it the bigger of the hoses. it appears to be two sizes this one is the bigger one. mine is so mishappen im not sure what the size is. it appears to have a i.d. of 1/4 or 3/8 maybe.. and if you know the smaller one too i'll take that. thanks
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    Ummm if you are ordering some stainless made up hose I can't help you there. If you don't have a parts manual it's a big help to buy one since it will usually have that data in it. (my Dyna parts manual does).

    You could go down to Ace Hardware and buy 3 inches of 2 different sizes and bring it home and try it to see which fits better. The hose is only like 30 cents a foot where I live.
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    The smaller one is 1/4" id and the larger is 3/8" id ensure any hose that you use is suitable for oil and and the temperatures that the system will be subjected to
    i can give you the hd part numbers but they sell it in 25 ft rolls however a dealer should be able to supply in suitable lengths

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    You can opt for double wall hose or silicone hose from Napa or other Auto supply stores:s