Oil gauge should be sealed?

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  1. Piotra

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    I would like to change electric switch oil pressure for oil gauge (this close to rear cylinder on the right side). So I will mount switch fitting and oil gauge. The question is should I seal threads in fitting and oil gauge or not. If yes, how to do it. Should I use just a silicone or plumbers tape.

  2. glider

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    No sealant necessary . They are a pipe thread which is tapered.
  3. HDDon

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    Piotra you don't have to give up your electric (light) on the oil pressure gauge changeover. JP Cycles offers a dual adaptor so you can have both. JP part #740-581. PS-Glider I know that the sealent isn't necessary but I used a teflon paste because I'm just cautious. This set up has never leaked.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    I always use brush on teflon by permatex on them call me crazy but even tapered pipe thread can dribble some oil signed....Capital Jack

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    See, You'll get Many opinions here.. I (I) like to use teflon tape.. Never have bought any paste.

    Not saying Right or Wrong here at all.. Just what I use.

    Teflon gets a "bad wrap" some times because of the user not the use.

    I Carefully apply the tape on Some fittings like this one. I think it makes it easier on the parts together and when back apart..

    Neatly done and applied on a few fittings like the pressure one IMO I don't have to torque the metal to metal as tight.. Not wearing the pipe threads.

    Like the older style chaincase magnetic plug, the 1/8 pipe thread that usually leaks after a time because of In and Out sooooo many times..Then finally is inside the drain hole too far. and not sealing off.

    1/8 taper in 1/2 to 3/4 inch is Very little. I have had a plug last me for years Only because I used Teflon Tape..

    Just My Way
  6. Jack Klarich

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    Bubbie, try the brush on teflon I think you will find it more user friendly, Capital Jack

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    Just my Way bubbie...I like it...yeah also would use sealer so less "need" to tighten that tapered plug too tight, it is easy to "muscle" it...not that any of us would do that! :s
  8. Piotra

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    Can you show me on internet what exactly product of permatex do you use, because there is a lot of these so I do not know what to buy.
    Permatex - Adhesive & Sealant Solutions...Made for the Professional

    I have tape, silicone and I would like to try this also but I'm not sure what to buy.
  9. Jack Klarich

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    Brush on teflon small white can from Napa

    I will check Monday and PM you the exact part number, if you need it today go to Napa and ask for a small white plastic can of brush on teflon sealer

    Tha Napa Permatex brush on teflon is part number 765-1188:)
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