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Oil from my air cleaner



I am using, 2002, 883 with screamin eagle air filter:

After a few days of riding I notice what I think is oil splashed all over the pipes and oil tank. It is not comming from the oil tank, it appears to be loosing out of the air cleaner.

What is going on?

From what i've heard and read this can be caused by over filling the oil tank. Remember the oil expands when hot so check then. if it's low when cold and you add to much it could be overfull when hot.
Actually it is a comma sportster problem, it is caused by blowby in the carb from the crankcase vent, do a search for carb blowby in the posts and there are MANY methods and ideas on how to handle it.

I must confess that the first thing I did was add oil because the dipstick was at 1/2 cold. I didn't read about checking it hot until this week when I got an owner's manual. I will bring down the oil level to see if that helps and then look into the fixes I saw in the posts.
Your carb is supposed to suck the oil backin only thing it comes out faster than the carb and suck. the air cleaner filter get saturated with oil and drips on your bike,, sucks to have to keep cleaning off. Trust me had it happen to my 02.. I bored out oil tubes, tapped it put in longer tubes with a small piece of rubber hose and directed right into carb, still drips a lil and only when i do a hard ride constant 80 90 mph. cost to have a dealer do it would be around $250 or if you can do it yourself $30.

There is no question that I added too much oil. Now it is only a matter of checking if this is the root cause of the problem.