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Discussion in 'Oil' started by Duffer, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Duffer

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    Need some sage advise from the learned and wise that inhabit this site.
    I’m getting ready to service my 05 FLHRCI and the wife’s 09 FXDL.
    The Dyna calls for oil filter #63798-99A which is 5 micron (chrome). No problem there.
    In the service manual for the RK it calls for oil filter part # 63798-99 which it says is a 10 micron filter.
    Parts guy at HD says no, they both run the same fitler. I know the “A” behind a part # means they have made some small design change to the original part so is it safe to assume all the twin cams now run 5 micro filters.
    Just want to be sure.
    Thanks in advance
  2. Bud White

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    TC are 5 micron thats all HD makes for the TC engines now
  3. glider

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    The 5 micron filters insure that parts like the oil jets that cool the under side of the pistons don't clog. I think this is the most important part of the 5 micron rating for the TC engines.

    Just can't use them on an EVO.
  4. Duffer

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    WOW! You guys are fast. Don't you ever sleep?
    Thanks for the quick response. Now I know what I'm doing tomorrow:yahoo

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Routine maintenance is cool...compulsory not so...enjoy your Halloween weekend! :newsmile04: And don't forget to set the clock...morning comes mighty early.... :bigsmiley24:
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    Glider doesnt sleep he eats and types on his bike
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    I still think Glider is a main frame, won't believe he is real untill I get a chance to ride thru some twisties with him.:lolrolling
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    LOL u might be right Glider are u a machine LOL Congrats again, Jack
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    Don't think you could keep up :bigsmiley24::cheers 5 billion GB
  10. 67hat34c

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    Been using a 5 micron amsoil filter on my 08 1200c since 1000 mile oil change. and changed it again at 4k, 10k and now bike has close to 14k.

    Now I believe the old evo motors had different oil pump and could not handle the finer filter but I was told that after 2004 the pump changed and they should work well. Does anyone here know if this is true?

    Second thing I read was that the 5 is too restrictive on the EVO and could cause the by pass valve to open too often and cause too much unfiltered oil to go through the engine. Well if this is true then it would happen on all engines, Oil flow is oil flow and it would not matter what engine it was attached to.

    Well I guess if my filter use is incorrect then the damage is already done. On next change I may go back to HD.