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Oil Filter Comparisons


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Here are a few links that will compare the different oil filters and their differences. I prefer the HD filters, they were specked for the particular engines from the start with the proper micron rating, bypass spring pressure and are well constructed. I have cut my filters open to diagnose a potential problem at oil change time and can tell you the HD filters are very well constructed compared to others.

This first link is a very informative link. You can select the different filters on the left of the page.

Click the brand links on the left of the page.
Scroll to the bottom of the page in the first link and check out the links there.

Motorcycle Oil Filters & Air Filters

Motorcycle Oil Filter Comparison

Motorcycle Oil Filter Cross Reference

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I'm new to this forum and just bought my first H-D but have been using this forum as well as others to gather info for how to best look after my new baby.

All this talk of micron ratings and comparing oil filters seems to be lacking in what info and ratings actually are for the filters so I emailed Champion Labs, who I believe make the filters for H-D, and compared their info with WIX. They couldn't give me the specs for the H-D filter due to it being proprietory info, so that'll have to come from Harley.

They say their PH7022 filter meets the OEM specs of the chrome H-D SuperPremium OEM #63798-99A and has the following: 20 micron rating @85% efficient, burst pressure 300 psi, bypass valve pressure 8 - 11 psi, height 3.41", OD 3.13". The same ratings are for the black version PH2835. They didn't give me a Beta ratio or a max flow rate for their filters.

The equivalent WIX chrome filter #57348 is: nominal 19 micron, bypass valve pressure 8 psi, height 3.404", OD 2.921".
The Wix black filter #51348 is: nominal 21 micron, bypass valve pressure 8 - 11 psi, burst pressure 275 psi, beta ratio 2/20=21/37, max flow rate 7 - 9 gpm, same height and OD as chrome.

From what I can figure out, the beta ratio for WIX means it's 50% efficient at 21 micron and 95% efficient at 37 micron.
What the efficiency of the H-D filter is for their claim of being a 5 micron filter, is what I'd like to know.

It would be nice to get the info from all the other brands, including H-D, to compare actual specs not just marketing jargon.
Here's the emails from Champion Labs:


We do manufacture the Harley Davidson filters for Harley at their specifications. I have no access to pull up spec sheets on their filters as this is proprietary information and belongs to Harley. The only thing I can tell you for sure is that our filter meets the specifications of the OE filter. Sometimes, there is a difference in say the number of pleats, or a small difference in design. All of the filters we manufacture can vary by difference in minor design changes.

Bob Buckman
Tech Rep
Champion Labs
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06/05/2009 08:21 AM
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Thanks Bob for the info.

Would I be correct in saying the PH7022 is the same filter just repackaged and sold as a Harley-Davidson SuperPremium oil filter?
Do you not have the beta ratio for that filter?

Your responses are much appreciated.


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These filters are the same specifications other than the PH7022 is a chrome version for Harley Applications. It is a 20 micron @ 85% efficient, it has a 300 psi burst pressure, and a 8-11psi bypass valve setting. We do not rate the filters for maximum flow rates. It does meet the minimum flow requirements of the OE filter.

Bob Buckman
Tech Rep
Champion Labs
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thanks for you research. I live about a hour from the harley dealer so I dont always run
their filters. This helps me.
Ive always used the K&N filters, excellent filtration and having the hex nut on the end makes getting them off a breeze, no need to keep 7 different oil filter wrenches arount
Napa used to have a display of top oil filters. The can had been cut away so you could see the filter media, very interesting choices of papers and mesh. If you ever have time to cut open a H D filter you will see a very high quality filter media IMO
I also use nothing but HD oil filters it only makes sense to me.......