oil filler cap lost

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by glimmerman, Jun 21, 2009.

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    getting ready for a trip on 5 june. checked bike and oil was low according to dipstick. added about 1/2 as much as needed as i didn't want to overfill. just had a baker +1 installed in march. went less than 1 mile and i smell oil at a stop light. look down and no dip stick/filler cap. ride back the same way looking for cap but cant find it. stuff rag into hole and call ride leader. raining like no tomorrow. ride to start and figure i can make it to dealership stop w/ rag in place. have to detour to closer dealer for cap as rag has blown out. can only find digital temp/level stick at max price (only thing in stock) no problem since but this is the third time the cap has popped. 29,000 miles. 01 flhpi. nothing fancy other than power commander and stage 1 upgrade. don't rev much over 3 grand on shift. what gives? do i need a retaining strap to keep the hi dolllar cap in place? used about 1/4 qt. oil in 700 mi on trip. HELP!
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    Sounds like excessive crankcase pressure. Check for kinked or plugged vent lines. I had the head vents bolts that are part of the SE AC kit plug completly shut on mine. I couldn't even open them up with a drill bit.