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    I was wondering is it worth putting an oil cooler on a 05 ultra? I don't plan on pulling anything with it just some 2 up riding. I do live in the south so it can get warm here in the summer.
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    I live in the Houston area. Definitely worth it IMHO. Dropped my running temp 15-20*. I used a Jagg 10-row low mount using the oil filter adapter with the thermostat. If you go this way, definitely get the anti-rotation dog too. Check this as a starting point:

    FLH 10-row Horizontal Lowmount Oil Coolers - Jagg Oil Coolers

    They also have a fan assist version!

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    Search Result - Harley Davidson Community Here are some reads on coolers, your ride you decide:s
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    Thanks for the help and link
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    Any thing you can do to keep your motor cooler will definitely help in longevity. Oil cooler,synthetic oil and a good tune IMO
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    Its also possible to change the thermostat in the HD and Jagg to a lower one and gain more cooling if desired.
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    when installing the hoses, use permatex hi-tack sealant on the fitting.
    DON'T use RTV because it clumps up inside.jagg oil coolers are great but get one from jagg. some on the internet are from china, filled with sand, & the inner tubes don't swirl, which allows for max contact .this is from a info sheet jagg provides inside the box.as I did my '09 tri-glide. also use adal clamps or
    PEX clamps .they work great.
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    I have the Jagg 10 row with their fan that pulls the air through the cooler. I had also added an over-ride fan switch that allows me to turn on the fan before the internal sensor turns on at 190 or if some reason the sensor switch stops working. I spoke with Jagg and the ones that were filled with sand were not his doing. They were knock offs ( copies) and they were purchased through Ebay. I run a 113 Ultima in my trike. Which is 1851cc. When I ride at 70mph on a 95 degree day. On my Dakota digital oil temp gauge. Which senses the oil temp before it goes through the cooler. My temps are between 190 and 202. Im also using mobile 1 synthetic oil 20w 50w for my winter riding and during the summer I use Amsol 60w.



    Jagg is the way to go! Just incase you were thinking about Ultra Cool. Here's some comparison pictures.