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Discussion in 'Oil' started by Freegul, Jul 8, 2007.

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    I want to change oil myself, and read that after you fill oil back up,your supposed to loosen drain nut to let air out. Is this true? And second question is -What should temp read on oil gauge? Thanks for any feedback.
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    I don't know if it applies to your bike, but when i change the oil on my truck, I don't ever unscrew the drain nut to let air out, bc when you fill it back up, there is gonna be air on top of the oil, b/c it's not a vacuum in there, and you have the cap off. I'm not sure if i'm right, maybe someone else can help you a little more.
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    No need to loosen the drain bolt at all once you have drained the oil and replace the drain bolt. Just refill the tank and check the level again when hot. It takes many miles to get oil hot so one trip around the block isn't enough.

    Temps... Anything between 200* - 250* would be considered normal temps. Synthetic oils can stand a higher temp without breaking down than regular oils.

    Softails and sportsters should be idled in an upright position for a minute or so to scavenge the engine sump before checking the oil level for an accurate reading.
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