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Off to Italy


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Think this could be one for my fellow Brits. I'm taking the scoot to Italy this year for 7 / 10 days, would appreciate if anyone can give me any tips on good places to stay that will have secure parking on the route, probably around Dijon or Geneve.
went down to italy once but late summer. never went the france route when i got off the ferry at calais turn left head to belguim then down through germany (cologne stuttgart then either austria or switzerland then into italy)some terriffic roads dont know what it would be like on a scoot but great on a hog. plenty of beer festivals on route too. anyhow it dont really matter point it and go you will have a great time
Don't know which route across you'll be taking but if you are planning to jump through Belgium... if so, be careful as the roads there can be bad and Belgium drivers have shown me a total disregard for bikes and rather push you of the road.