"O" Rings on Front Fork Rebuild

Discussion in 'Other Service and Maintenance' started by Chume, Jul 17, 2013.

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    Can anyone help and tell me what size "O" rings should be used when re-installing the banjo fittings to the fork cap bolts, and also the "O" rings on the fork cap bolts themselves? Bike is a 2000 FLHT Electra Classic. We don't have a Harley dealer in town, closest one is 100 miles away. Bought new oil seals, upper & lower bushings, and washers, but the "O" rings they supplied do not appear to be the correct sizes (the plastic bags they placed them in were already opened and might have been switched inadvertently). Don't wish to drive 200 miles round trip for these items. I wouldn't want to do this job again because "O" rings were not correct size and caused leaks. Thanks for any help anyone can furnish.