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Discussion in 'Southwest' started by HogFan, May 21, 2010.

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    For you DFW guys, how do you deal with the new sticker type toll tags on your bike. I will NOT stick it to my windshield, so what other options do I have? The new ones require almost clear line of sight to work so just leaving them in the fork bag doesn't work. (I have tried it!)
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    I have a small bracket on my handlebars that lets me mount a small piece of lexan. I have a couple of different pieces. One for eastern toll transponder and one for NTTA transponder. I put the sticker on the back of a piece of lexan and monunt it at an angle so i can have a gool line of site. Take it off when I don't need it.
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    I have had the original toll tag for my bike so it is not a problem for me. I have heard that if you request the old style plastic credit card type with the velcro you can get it for a $25 deposit.
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    I didn't put mine on but they still deduct it from my accout using the plate # (before you ask yes at the TollTag rate):D
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    Vote Out toll roads in your state that would be the BEST way to handle it ! We all pay gas tax there should NOT be any toll roads in the USA .
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    I have had the tag registered on my bike for about 2 years and the thing is in the drawer at home because I sure don't want it on my bike either. I call once a month and have the zip cash converted to the tag rate. I talked to a representative about it and I was told that they charge zip and also if you are going over 85 mph they will also charge zip no better what you are in or are riding. Can always cover the plate with a tour pak if you have one otherwise we are stuck with zip if its not mounted.

    I have never asked if its mounted on the rear of the bike if it would be recorded. They snap a pic from the rear and I did my own plate relocation and painted the top of the tail light, maybe that could be a place for it to be applied. All in all, it a rip off because most of the time if you are driving the toll roads, so is everyone else and you will end up at a stand still. Perfect world would mean no toll roads.
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    I don't know what a Toll road is,:) but I used to have to have a Base sticker to get my bike on the AFB I worked at. I took a clear liter plastic soda bottle, and cut it to fit around my fork leg. I stuck my base decal to the plastic, and used tie wraps (or tape) to hold it on my fork leg on ride to work days. Maybe you can adapt this to your toll sticker.
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    Toll roads down here are like Jr. in NASCAR, just don't make a lot of since. He lost over 100 races in a row now but, still a fan favorite. We pay tolls to take a straight fast route but we just sit in traffic most of the time if we pay to drive on them or not.
    Good idea on the bottle. Must be nice not to have them around where you are.:D
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    I took the toll Friday, ill see if I got lucky also.