Now that I have my Super Glide Custom . . .

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  1. markfsanderson

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    Now that I have my new 2011 Super Glide Custom here in San Antonio, what should be my upgrade path?

    • Should I immediately get a K&N AC or similar or should I wait until my bike is broken in?
    • Should I wait for the second oil change to put in synthetic or do it on the first oil change?
    • I live very close to work ( a great thing! ) so my ride time is about 5 minutes. Is this considered a high stress commute for the engine? Should I drive more miles to completely warm the engine? Or should I just take my car to work?
    • In this part of Texas, should I be running an oil cooler - 6 or 10 row?

    Thanks in advance for the help . . .:newsmile031:

    Mark - Thanks!
  2. FerrousBueller

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    This is more opinion than fact, stuff that I recommend rather than first hand experience.

    #1 Hold off on the Air Cleaner install. You'll have a better feel for the before and after performance. It will be worth the wait!
    #2 Wait for AT LEAST 500 miles before switching to synthetic oil. Synthetic oils are too slippery and will not let the metal to metal parts break in properly. ( I have read that here, on this forum.)
    #3 Find another place to live, further from work! My commute is about 40 minutes door to door, it's not always enough for a good stress relief ride. Or, take the long way to and from work. Leave home earlier, get home later. It will reduce grey hair, lower your blood pressure and you might feel better, ( at the very least you'll have a dopey grin on your face! ) If you can't do that let the motor warm up real good before leaving. A solid minute while you gear up should do it for the bike.
    #4 I don't have a clue. I do know that the synthetic oil will lower the motor temperature a bit.

  3. Rubyred

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    Like FB said I would move a little farther from work or "take the long way." The bike should be rode for at least 25 miles for the oils to warm up properly. Also wait on the air cleaner this will let give you a feel for what the new one did for you. I am a believer also that you should wait as a minimum 500 miles before changing over to synthetic. As far as the oil cooler you'll know after a while whether you'll need an oil cooler or not. Enjoy your ride and get those miles on her, and ride safe!
  4. Bodeen

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    I agree with the above on oil and A/C. However, you bought that thing to ride, ride it. If its 5 miles or 500, I say ride it. Yes, I know condensation etc. I would rather ride mine then let it sit in the garage on a tender and only look at it as I walked by. Ride it.

  5. HDDon

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    All real good advice. I'm with Bodeen ride it, change the oil a little more often. I am a believer in oil coolers, it can't hurt for the engine to run a little cooler. That said Harleys have been run for years without them and seem to run just fine. Break her in and than change to a good syn., as for engine mods after you go thru the breakin and first oil change start looking at the local bike nights and reading here on the forum. AC, pipes, fueler will make a world of difference. Of course here on the forum you will get real world advice on how to maintain and keep her running and looking like new. Ride Safe, Don
  6. whacko

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    As far as your 5 minute ride to work my suggestion is leave work an hour and a half before you have to be there......find every back road you can and possibly a good diner for breakfast on the way!! I do that all the time!

    And as far as engine mods I would just ride it for a few thousand to see what you think. I have a 2010 super glide custom and took that advice and after a few thousand miles I decided stock is fine for me! Yeah there will be alot of guys on here that think I'm crazy but I felt after riding it that the money in my bank account rather than invested in mods was the way to go. My bike has plenty of power and is pretty much a daily rider in the summer so my feeling is a stock motor will provide trouble free commuting! I have some buddies that spent thousands in mods and yes the bike has more power but a couple of them spend a great amount of time taking the bikes back for re work......suppose that all depends on how good your mechanic is!

    You may be surprised how much you like the stock 96 inch with a 6 speed cruise drive!

    Just my 2 cents
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  7. Jack Klarich

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    Definitely ride more miles to burn off the condensation from the combustion, Switch to Synthetic oil will be a big plus, as far as the air filter, I always change mine to a K & N right away, I like to be able to clean and not have to replace air filters( NEVER) have had to replace a K & N:D
  8. markfsanderson

    markfsanderson Active Member

    Thanks Jack, I was leaning towards just a stock filter replacement as opposed to performance velocity stacks/AC setup . . .at least initially. My understanding is that K&N also cleans the air better . . . in theory less wear on the engine? I wait on the rest to see how things shape up . . .

  9. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    K&N are built of better material, have more surface area, breathe better, have 1 million mile warranty, you will never have to replace it, clean it and oil it FORGET IT:D
  10. jimmymac1972

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    Jack, I just bought my first K&N to replace my stock one. I'm sitting here looking at it sitting beside my brand new TFI and plugs, and new levers, and...etc... lol.... Gonna get started on it next week end! Can't wait! (Just had a new rear tire put on yesterday too!)...hahahaha