NOT Working: Turn Signals, Horn, Brake Light

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by R.D. Morrison, May 15, 2011.

  1. R.D. Morrison

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    Hello everyone, I am a newbie Harley owner and forum poster in need of HELP.

    I bought a Wrecked 09 Fatboy (FLSTF) a few months ago and have fixed all the cosmetic issues but still have an electrical issue with my turn signals, horn and brake lights not working.

    When i bought the bike, even wrecked, it ran perfect but the lights did not function. My running lights work, the headlight works (dim & bright), speedo, etc. but the turn signals, hazards, horn and break lights never come on when requested. This bike is nearly new with 1500miles and very good condition minus the finders being bent up so I don't know what the wreck could have caused damage to electrically.

    Some factors: I disconnected the front blinkers during the rebuild, but even when they where attached the running lights worked but the turn signals never came.

    I have checked fuses but nothing is blown. It must be some simple related problem in the computer or some missed plug somewhere...?

    Does anyone have any direction on this problem? I have a ride in 4 days and gotta figure this out. :51:

  2. gs34

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    TSM/TSSM module maybe. And, check the fuses with them pulled out of the circuit. Just because they look good doesn't mean they are.
  3. dcfatboy

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    A 2009 Electrical manual would probably be your best bet.