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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Ncryoten, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Ncryoten

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    I was thinking about mounting a camera to my superglide and was wondering if anyone has done this already and where would the optimal place be to do so with minimal vibration?
  2. Fourdogs

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    Good question and I to would lov a answer ..I do know Ram makes some mounts... RAM Mounting Systems, Inc. my problem is I have the 9" mini apes which are 1 1/4 inch and can't seem to find a camera mount that will fit the 1 1/4 bars
  3. SilverFoXD

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    Might try the plastic irrigation pipe and hose clamp trick.

    Take a 'T' fitting and cut it in half along the long side. Select one with an inside diameter close to and larger than your handlebar diameter. Discard the part you cut off. Use a length of pipe and an end cap to close off the 'T' portion.

    Drill the cap to fit a bolt (most likely a 1/4-20) that will screw into the base of the camera. Clamp the whole assembly to the handlebar with two hose clamps. You might need to add a 45* fitting and/or shims to get the camera more level and you may want to extend the camera location with a longer pipe section, like to clear a windshield, etc.

    Digital photo software should have a feature that levels a tilted picture. My Mac has such in the basic iPhoto software that will level up to 10*. Presumably Windows software has something similar.

    Good luck.
  4. kemo

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    Have you considered a helmet mount system.
  5. Ncryoten

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    I have thought about it.
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    I have worked in television news for 20 years. We often have had need for hidden cameras or car mounted cameras.
    I've mounted cameras in a lot of weird and wonderful places.
    The easiest and smallest video cameras I've found is also one of the cheapest.

    It comes in wired and a wireless versions.

    I paid $250 for the wired camera and recorder/viewer. Samsung SC-105
    The wireless version below is 2 or 3 times that cost. Samsung SC-210WL
    Samsung Unveils Digital Camera with Helmet Attachment - SlashGear

    The camera records onto an internal flash drive or an SD card.
    The recorder/viewer also will work as a stand alone camcorder without the helmet camera attached.
    I would recommend a RAM system for mounting to the riser just above the headlight. The farther up or out on the bars you get, the more vibration you'll get.

    They will not have the image resolution necessary for good stills or crystal clear video. But they're cheap, small and fun as hell to use.