not charging and brake lights not working

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by rtbrannon, Sep 19, 2010.

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    I have a 93 sportster and it is'nt charging and the brake lights is'nt working i was wondering what could be the reason it ais'nt charging and if that could be why the brake lights are not working i took the cover off and the bulbs did'nt look burnt and i don't think it's the switch because surely the foot peddle and handle bar switch are not both out well maybe someone could tell me why it is not carging and the brake lights are not working

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    Check the wiring under the rear fender, likely back tire may have snagged and grounded the taillight wiring. Also check fuseblock and fuses for white crusty stuff/corrosion, if fuses look weathered or corroded just replace 'em. Then move on to the actually light housing and pods. Clean up with good electronics cleaner and coat with dielectric grease (HD dealer $9 or local autoparts store for less). Did you do or have any recent work done?...may want to check for peripheral damage in those areas...! :s
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    What did you do to determine the charging system was not working.
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    Rather than looking at the bulb try a known good working one as it may just be the bulb

    I have had to replace the regulator on a similar age sportster because it wasnt charging

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    I am having a similar problem. My problem is somewhat different, though, because my brake light works when I use the front brake, but not the rear brake pedal. While tracing wires from my regulator, I found a wire that is loose.
    It is directly beneath the battery and appears to be linked to the braking system as I can see the brake line running to the rear caliper from there.
    I am awaiting delivery of my service manual, so I was wondering if, perhaps, anyone could tell me what this piece is called, and an estimate of what it may cost on average to replace.
    Thanks for any and all suggestions.
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    i got the brakes to work today but its still not charging i charged it to 100% and rode all day then put it back on charge and it says 75% sometimes when the battery gets low the starter will click a few times before it turns over
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    Your battery could be failing
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    i tested the stator and regulator like the testing forum that glider posted said to do on the reg. plug it was hot checking continuity between the two pins and with ground on batt. touching each pin seperately then on the stator side of the plug i got continuity between the two pin holes on the plug then with the ground on the frame i got nothing on each pin then i put it on a/c and touching the two pin holes i got around 25 to30 with the bike idleing its a harley so it idles low its my first bike i dont know alot about it but i think that i did the test right and seems like the reg. is bad if it is after i buy a new one im pobably gone get a new gel batt.