Not a Facelift, a "Seat-lift"

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Randall K. Wilson, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. Randall K. Wilson

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    I bagged my 09 Deluxe new in August. Presently I have racked up four thousand miles on it. The snow just hit us pretty good in Central Indiana and we have all that salt stuff on the roads and streets...hence this machine will be dormant for a while.

    The stock factory seat on this model is a combination of vinyl, leather, and imitation leather made to look like real tooled leather, also some lacing.

    The part that has the imitation tooled leather to me looks like real deal "rubber", and this bugs me. Perhaps because Leather-crafting is a hobby of mine. After talking to my friend who has a sewing machine and does hot rods, muscle cars, custom car interiors (complete), I have decided to "re-do" the seat on my Deluxe, in this manner.

    1.Remove seat (pillion went bye bye, long time ago)
    2. Remove seat cover.
    3. label with a marker all of the individual cover details underneath.
    4. Take an exacto knife and cut all of the seams thereby totally dismantling the cover into a pile of pieces
    5. Use these pieces as a pattern to cut real deal leather to be sewn up on my pals commercial sewing machine. Replace updated cover on seat proper and install back on the cycle.

    I have not decided, but leaning towards constrasting colors on the new seat cover and perhaps some fringe, Chrome dots, and conchos. At any rate more of a nostagic look. Has anyone on the forum ever taken on such a project as this?

    As this project proceeds I will try to put some images on the forum.

    The image below is not an image of my machine, mine has the smooth profile wheels. You can see a close up of the present seat which is like mine.

    ...and as I have said before...even a blind man knows a Harley when it putts by....

  2. ultrat

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    Randall i have taken my cover off my 93 flh & carved out foam for gell sounds like u are doing it corectly my thinking good luck on seat....+ hello from n ind.......
  3. Davidw2415

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    Randall ,sounds like a great cold weather project. Goodluck with it. Look forward to seeing the finished product.