Not 100% American?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by GimmeFuel, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. GimmeFuel

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    The other day, somebody told me that Harleys, while assembled in American, are not 100% American because they are not American parts. The engines and transmissions are American, but not the rest. Is this true? If so, how do some of you folks feel about it?
  2. Hooligan

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    ya it is true, i work for harley and we were actually just talking about that today at work, and how so many people say they will only buy american, not realising that most of the parts they are buying are not american made, and if you look at many of the parts they will say made in mexico or china or indonesia and assembled in usa
  3. sprinklerfitter669

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    Unfortunately this is true. Most electronic component's, are made overseas for everything.
    I have always tried to buy American only, to save somebody's job, but it sickening, to see that this is becoming more of a challenge.

    Even for true american Icons, 100% American made, is becomming a thing of the past
  4. texas tom

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    While that is true very little is not american made,the electrics are mostly foreign ,the tins frames engines trannies bars and wheels are made in USA the discovery channel did a special on harley with john ratzenbergers made in the USA show which really gives a great insight to HD.
  5. SkootchNC

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    It's a "GLOBAL" economy..... Hondas are being made in the USA, and Chevys and Fords are being made in Mexico...
    Companies send out for bids on items, and they accept the lowest bid... parts are made from across the globe..... The lower the cost (in parts and labor) the higher the profit. Profit, is why investors buy stock in the company in the first place
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    It is a very sad, yet very true situation that the "Global Economy" has us in. Chrysler decided to move their facilities to mexico and canada, I had 15 yrs of my life invested and had to start all over. The "Made in America" tags are turning into "Made in Indonesia assembled in the U.S.A". It is becoming harder to be an supporter of the American made products and families with companies sending all the work overseas, and with these kind of manufacturing jobs gone, its harder for working families to afford the things they need. The employees building the minivans in mexico, are not even paid enough to purchase what they are building, and with all money corporations are saving building their items overseas, how come we don't see any of the savings on product prices when they hit the market back in the states!?! Sorry for rambling guys.
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    Remember when Ross Perot was running for President and he was talking aobut NAFTA, and said "you hear that large sucking sound...that's jobs being sucked out of America". Ross had it figured out long before this jobs 18-wheeler even got out of 1st gear.
  8. ultradoc

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    trvlr has it right on the $
  9. freedom3503

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    is this really a surprise or big concern?

    still the best bikes on the Market
  10. NEWHD74FAN

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    While the Made in USA moniker has been diluted, the key is the Global economy is here to stay. As Freedom3503 said, the real deal is the HD marque is still with us...had things been different we may not even be having this discussion as MOCO would have dissolved into history like so many other famous US & British motorcycle industry casulties...