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Noob questions


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My very first Harley, bone stock. 04 heritage flstci.

After reading, searching, and reading (may need reading some more) I'm still not sure what should I go with.

I wanna get a little more umm on it, have a list of parts that I'll need but not so sure if I do it right.

a) A set of slip-on V&H pipes
b) A K&N air filter kit
c) not sure which one PC or TFI ??????.

I'm look for something that reliable, decent performance gain, don't have to do dyno and last but not least, keeping it classic/original look.

Can I do mis-and-match thingy or do I have to stay with one Company?.

Can any one give me a pro/con on the PC/TFI please.

So sorry for repeated questions, choice is good but sometime too many choices out there give me dizzy and this old mind couldn't take it well without goes blanked :D.
Your choices are very popular ones.
a) A set of slip-on V&H pipes
b) A K&N air filter kit
c) not sure which one PC or TFI ??????.

You will find many comparisons between tuners in this forum.

Diagnostics, Alarms/Security, and Fuel Injection Related. - Harley Davidson Community

With the additions mentioned above you can expect 10-12 HF gain and more torque also. The difference between the PC and TFI is ease of setup with the TFI winning out here. The PC can remap many more areas and will give you a bit better tune but does require more work to get there also. You can also go with any company and combine products with the units mentioned here with no problems at all. As far as the classic look, the only difference noticable would be the slipons.
The combination you mention above is a good way to go IMO.It's simple and will be effective without the dyno runs.
Thanks Glider, I've looked at the TFI but then again, they are listing a whole bunch of them and I realy am not sure which one fit mine, can you help?. My bike still factory stock, only accessories added on.

btw. are you ever sleep?. ;0).
You should be looking at the 1040ST TFI Fuel Injection Module for All EFI Big Twins 1995-05 (except V-Rod)(Plug & Play)

If in doubt, call George at techlusion 877-764-3337. He's a real nice guy and will talk forever to answer your questions as well as any help with the setup.

I manage to get a few winks now and then :D
Hey Glider, sorry for keep dragging on this subject, your infomations are priceless.

One more thing and I'll keep quite until the next question (which is just about...anytime soon ;0) )

Do you have George's website so I can place my order for the TFI?.

I just shoot them an email last night, one more thing, my bike currently run between 40-48mpg city/highway combined, after the stage 1 added on, what do I expect to see ?. Just a roughly "guesstimate" ?.

I'm not too worry about that gas mileage much since most of the "off season" I drive my Ram truck with Hemi in it, and my boat.....OMG, I'm not going there ;0).
You may see a small drop but I attribute it to the urge to twist the throttle a bit more. In any event any loss will be offset by the engine running better and more power.
Another question for you Glider. Can I installed and run the TFI first while waiting for pipes and K&N?. Another word, can I run the TFI only without pipes and intake for awhile while saving up some more for the rest?.