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  1. dragrace

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    wife wants the road king louder!! 2005 road king 88 c.i. has a set of v&h. what is the loudest without hurting the injection?
  2. Chopper

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    I've always liked Bassani or Rine Hearts slip-on's, both give a great sound.
  3. YnotBiker

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    Search Youtube for "Harley Exhaust Sound", "Harley Sound" or check the by brand name. I just got Thunderheaders 2 into 1 for the added horsepower, but how can it hurt the injectors?

  4. dbmg

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    Are there replacement baffles for the Vance and Hines? Changing baffles would be the least expensive way to gain louder sound... Typically baffles 2" and over need some fuel adjustment for maximum performance.
  5. 89 FXRS

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    It won't hurt the injectors - with free flowing exhaust and a better air cleaner setup(like the popular screaming eagles air cleaner) the bike will run too lean unless you have the fuel mixture adjusted to get the correct air/fuel ratio
  6. Porter

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    Finding the exhaust that fits the sound you want: find some way to listen to it live. The internet is good to get you started, but the sound changes whether you are riding with or without a passanger, from the side, from the rear or when a bike goes rumbling by. Hog Chapter meeting is a good place to start or a local hangout. I haven't found a rider yet that isn't more than happy to let you hear their pipes...

    As for the "too lean" statement above, as in "so lean it will damage the motor by being so hot", I belive Smitty posted a dyno run a while back with a "Stage 1" (higher flow air cleaner and free flow exhaust) with no remaping and no "fueler" and it was not even close to being that lean. Maybe there has been more discussion on that topic, but to my knowledge, you may not be getting all you can out of a "Stage 1" without adding a little fuel but you will not melt your motor, either. I will try and read up on any additions to that thread....
  7. Grillfish

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    But again, loud is subjective. Someone mentioned UTube and that is a good start, then a rally or bike night and talk to folks.

    I've got Dresser Duals and V&H Blackout 4" rounds, nice while cruising, but plug your ears on when you twist the throttle.
  8. 06rdking

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    I have an 06 rdking put a big sucker air filter, power commander lll and a set of v&h standard slash cut. I pulled the baffels out and stripped the fiberglass wrapping off of the foward half of the baffel and put them back in. sounds great at a cruise and will roar when in it. and it will run! no popping or decel crackeling. and if I stay out of it it will still get about 41 to 44 mpg.