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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by muttlange, Feb 14, 2012.

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    I didn't know where to put this so, Anyway I'm looking for a nice inexpensive set of noise cancelling ear phones. I Bought the Harley ones but after you reach 45 mph the wind is just too much and you can't hear your IPOD at all. any help please.

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    Etymotic Research (brand)--- model- ER6I . Earplugs for Ipod. Absolutly the best sound quality bar none. Put them in and I don't care how loud your pipes are,it will shut the world out. This may not always be the safest,but tunes can't get any better-trust me I've tried many. they are a bit pricey,but you get what you pay for. Your on a Harley,not exactly cheap either. If you do get them they make different syle plugs to go on them-the smallest seem to work the best for me. Good luck. BTW ER6I not the cheaper ER6.
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    If its in your budget the Etymotic ER-4P's are amazing. They go deep in the ear canal so they take some getting used to, but nothing else comes close. Read all the feedback on Amazon. I can hear car horns and emergency vehicle sirens etc, but wind and road noise disappear. Just music, podcast's, audio books etc. I ride without a windshield and a 3/4 helmet. The price, spread over the last 10 years is some of the best money I've invested in the bike. Also the company is wonderful to deal with. Even when the earphones were way out of warranty they repaired them at no cost. Made in the USA.
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    cheaper way to go is just plain old earmuffs. slip your ear buds underneath them. no need to spend bucks on noise cancelling, they don't really cancel anyway, they just amplify sounds of certain frequency (like human voice). I used to work for the company that invented them and makes them for airline industry.
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    not the best, but not the priciest either. I like the skull candy ones, 15-20 bucks, stick in your ear and comfortable under the helmet. I wear a full face/3/4 helmet so my wind noise is a bit less then if you wear a 1/2. Can't say I ever wore them with my half, but for the price, these pack enough sound and plug in the ear to keep the outside sounds out.
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    just got a order conformation on er6i. 162.00 at ear