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No start after battery change

Please post voltage at starter.
What blew the fuse on the trickle charger? Do you have any idea. It appears that whatever current spike that blew the fuse is also relative to your problem.
Yes: the fuse blew like it should. However, we have to wonder if stray current went into your bike.....
It would help if you post results after testing starter solenoid.
Sorry to hear about family emergency .
Well I found a local experienced Harley mechanic who came over and helped trace down the issue. Turned out to be a very simple problem. The harness connector located underneath the tank bezel had been damaged previously and was not tight. When I pulled the battery out to replace It I had to pull the cables to one side which pulled the connector loose. Hooked it back up and I am back in business! While here he adjusted my clutch, adjusted the drive belt and identified an intake leak which had been bugging me for quite awhile. He was very thorough. It ended up costing me some but not as much as dealer and he will be my "go to" for fixing the intake leak and possibly installing a "commander" to tune it properly. Thanks for the input!